LED Streets

LED Street Lights

For the city of Hangzhou energy management and environmental responsibility are top priorities. In an effort to reduce street light maintenance costs while helping to improve safety with well-lit streets, the city investigated a new street lighting solution for its aging high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures.

Basketball Court

Every minute on the basketball court counts. It has to when the goal is to deliver your city its first professional sports championship in 50 years—and that commitment starts on the practice floor. So when old lighting left the team in the dark, it turned to hometown partner Worldhand for a game-changing assist.

LED High bay lighting

The facility replaced 1453 luminescent fixtures with 761 LED High Bay from Worldhand Lighting. The new lighting is bright and crisp, which is an improvement for welding conditions because it does not distort the inside of the pipe like the previous lighting did. The high bay fixtures create a more even distribution of light, giving better clarity when reading and painting, which allows employees to feel more confident in their work.

Office lighting

Improvements included more energy-efficient lighting and new HVAC systems, which have decreased energy usage and costs while helping to improve the overall environment and comfort for tenants.