warehouse led high bay lighting

LED high bay lighting is the ideal source for energy efficient illumination in large spaces and provides improved lasting performance in cold storage a facilities. When the ceiling height is 20 feet up, Ecosn offers a variety of high bay lighting that truly rises to the test.

Warehouse lighting fixtures help improve energy efficiency while enhancing productivity. Plus with ECOSN Warehouse lighting solutions, you can save on energy costs every step of the way.

Because employees are often a company’s largest investment, it’s important to optimize lights for their comfort, satisfaction and productivity. Ecosn LED High bay lighting solutions:

-Deliver energy- efficiency, lower operating costs and reliability.
-Create a bright, safe and motivation place to work.
-No flicker, it will be influence the workers or employees when one more lights have problems.
-No glares is the other factor for the employees, the lights should be soft and health

Air port LED High pole lights

Passengers are attracted to and feel safe in brightly lit spaces – especially at night. Install ECOSN LED lighting in airport places to improve lighting quality while reducing energy consumption, maintenance costs and the carbon footprint. With improved light quality and accurate color rendering, ECOSN LED lighting helps improve security camera imaging for increased safety.

Gas Station

ECOSN LED light fixtures are ideal for your canopy, in your car wash and around your site. When you install a ECOSN lighting solution, you’ll get significantly increased lighting performance while reducing your energy usage up to 70% with virtually no maintenance.

LED Streets

LED lights is the ideal solution for street and roadway lighting due to their long life, directional light, uniform brightness and illumination. They are dark sky friendly, eliminating stray light and reducing overall light pollution.

LED Tunnel lights

Tunnel LED luminaire helps to create a safe environment for traffic with white light for improved visibility and comfort. The
need for high visibility during all hours of the day requires around the clock operation. Due to their long life and robust nature, luminaires designed with LEDs can reduce maintenance intervals and offer the added benefit of superior beam shaping capability which means you can put light where you need it.

High Mast

High Mast LED luminaries are extremely lightweight designed products targeting both the replacement and new construction for high mast applications. The product focuses on providing excellent visibility with an LED light source that results in long system life and excellent uniformity.

Parking lot Lighting

Provides a comprehensive LED lighting solution for parking structures with impressive lighting quality, energy efficiency and virtually no maintenance. ECOSN LED luminaires are designed to provide just the right amount of light to make your customers feel safe and keep them coming back. Occupancy sensors can be added to control the lighting levels and increase efficiency.